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  • Lorena Cates: From 60 LBS Overweight & Medicated To This....
  • Post author
    Brian Hoppe

Lorena Cates: From 60 LBS Overweight & Medicated To This....

Lorena Cates: From 60 LBS Overweight & Medicated To This....

Lorena Cates is a health transformation coach. A mother of two teens living in Yukon, Oklahoma, Lorena experienced a radical health transformation of her own. Even though judging by Lorena's Instagram, it looks like she's super fit, that wasn't always the case. (That's her above holding a stick pack of LonoLife Protein Coffee.)

In fact, Lorena once weighed 200 pounds. And that was just 5 years ago. Take a look at this inspiring before/after pic of Lorena:

So how did Lorena lose all that weight? And what was her motivation to get healthy?

In the spring of 2011, Lorena says that her clothes no longer fit. She had no energy, not even to play with her kids. "My husband was always the one playing with the kids. All I could do was watch. I became depressed and didn't like what I saw in the mirror. I eventually had to go on meds for the depression," says Lorena in a phone interview. 

Fast forward to just a few days ago. Lorena says that on her Facebook page, her timeline reminded her of a post from 2008 that said she was going to lose weight once and for all. Unfortunately, Lorena thought she could reward herself for exercising by having a Sonic burrito for breakfast and an enchilada for lunch. Consequently, from 2008-2010, Lorena gained about 50 pounds. In 2010, Lorena and her family moved from Kansas to Oklahoma. Her clothes no longer fit and she was tired of feeling tired, depressed and lethargic. 

Unfortunately, Lorena was so out of shape, she says she couldn’t even work out. "I started by walking for 30 minutes during my lunch break. Those 30 minute walks would kill me. But I stuck with the walks. What really got me through it was having an accountability partner. She was a coworker. We did these walks for a couple months. And then the walks expanded to a full hour jog/walk," says Lorena.

Eventually, Lorena ditched her unhealthy eating habits. She started having shakes for lunch and worked out religiously with home fitness DVDs (she now does on demand fitness streaming videos). In just over a year (from 2011 to 2012), Lorena lost 60 pounds. But her story doesn't end there. 

She says that in the last two years she has put on some fat and for the life of her couldn't figure out why. "I was exercising and eating healthy but nonetheless feeling bloated and inflamed. I was so aggravated. Food I thought was healthy food was making me feel miserable. So I started doing more research. I found out about leaky gut and eventually went to a holistic doctor back in January of this year. The blood work revealed my white blood cell count was low. I wasn't absorbing vitamins and nutrients well. I would often feel lethargic."

Two things dramatically helped Lorena overcome her health problems. First was learning what foods she was allergic or sensitive to (she took a blood test). Second was learning about leaky gut and how bone broth can heal it. Lorena learned about leaky gut and bone broth from Chalene Johnson, a New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker, health expert, lifestyle transformation guru and LonoLife advocate. 

With the help of Chalene Johnson, along with a steely will and unyielding determination and faith, and daily cups of bone broth, Lorena is in the clear now. "I'm also feeling great most of the time because I’ve taken inflammatory foods out, including beans, legumes, corn, and processed food," she adds.

Furthermore, Lorena says she's only been drinking bone broth for a few months but definitely can tell the difference it has made. "I can't really point exactly to what it's done for me other than I feel just overall much better."

(We'll take that as a compliment, Lorena!)

Also, Lorena drinks LonoLife Protein Coffee. For a while, Lorena had to ditch regular coffee because it caused inflammation in her body. However, Lorena says Protein Coffee doesn't cause her problems. 

And we're happy to report that Lorena has long ago stopped taking medication for depression. And we feel blessed to play at least a small part in Lorena's amazing transformation.

Got a transformation of your own? Contact us. If we publish your story, you'll get some samples on us. 

  • Post author
    Brian Hoppe

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