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  • Can Bone Broth Heal Migraines and Allergies?
  • Post author
    Jesse Koltes

Can Bone Broth Heal Migraines and Allergies?

Can Bone Broth Heal Migraines and Allergies?

Take a look at the picture of Elizabeth Loop. 

The 28-year-old resident of Asheville, NC looks like a picture of perfect health. Elizabeth is indeed in great shape. She's an interval training exercise instructor at the local YMCA. 

But behind the facade of an Iron Woman, Elizabeth was hurting up until recently. For years, she suffered a terrible fate that over 37 million people in the U.S. can relate to. Elizabeth would get an intense, intermittent stabbing sensation in the head.

If only Elizabeth could be like Dracula and take a nap in a coffin for a few hours until the pain and extreme light sensitivity subsided. Unfortunately, Elizabeth and millions like her don't have the luxury of riding out a migraine headache in 5-star resort-like tranquility and solitude. 

Not with a busy schedule like Elizabeth's. 

Elizabeth's migraines, she finally figured out, were caused by an environmental allergy: dust. Unless you're obsessive-compulsive about cleaning and thoroughly enjoy vacuuming a few times a day, it's annoying having to clean house religiously just to lessen the chance of developing a migraine. Sure, it's a first-world problem, but, nonetheless, an occasional painful reality.

To manage her allergy, Elizabeth, had to take a pharmaceutical medication. 

But Elizabeth, in a recent email to LonoLife, reports that she's been able to ditch her medication because of our bone broth!

How Bone Broth Helped Elizabeth Get Rid of Migraines (and save on her utility bill by not having to vacuum as much!)

Elizabeth had heard about LonoLife on a podcast hosted by best-selling New York Times author and diet/fitness/lifestyle/social media/business coaching guru, Chalene Johnson.

(We on the LonoLife staff are so grateful for Chalene recommending our bone broth to her followers. Thank you, Chalene!) 

Fascinated by how bone broth could help with leaky gut, and, by extension, the gut-brain connection, Elizabeth started incorporating our bone broth into her diet on a daily basis. 

And here's what Elizabeth claims how much our bone broth has helped her:

"I was taking the medication for over a year. But shortly after I started drinking bone broth, I was able to stop taking the medication. I also no longer need to take the nasal spray I was using every day to manage my allergy."

Pretty powerful statement. It might not be typical. And we certainly don't recommend anyone stopping their medication without first consulting with their doctor. 

Moreover, Elizabeth also says she "definitely notices a difference in my skin and nails."

Eventually, Elizabeth says she also got hooked on our Protein Coffee. Protein Coffee is infused with pure bone collagen. So she's getting many of the same benefits from it as bone broth. Plus, she says she also benefits from Protein Coffee in other ways. 

"I love the protein in it and it helps me avoid afternoon energy crashes, which I would otherwise experience because of my busy schedule."

Can Collagen Cure Migraines From Environmental Allergies?

No, we are not saying claiming that any of our products can cure anything. Again, Elizabeth's story is her own experience and it may not be typical. 

However, there are several studies (such as this one) that demonstrate the compounds in bone broth may boost the immune system. (See our recent blog post about bone broth's anti-tumor activity.)

We're not exactly sure how our bone broth seemingly transformed Elizabeth from a migraine-suffering, sniffly, sneezy mess into an asymptomatic success story. Perhaps we'll seek out a couple of Ph.D.'s in biochemistry and immunology to explain Elizabeth's miraculous and rapid results. 

And let us conclude by expressing skepticism about our own product for a second. Perhaps Elizabeth's allergy-free transformation occurred because of other factors?

We'll give Elizabeth the final word on this: she claims nothing else has changed in her life other than drinking bone broth every day. That and not having to vacuum nearly as much!





  • Post author
    Jesse Koltes

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