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  • Take the #LonoChallenge: Win a year's supply Bone Broth!
  • Post author
    Brian Hoppe

Take the #LonoChallenge: Win a year's supply Bone Broth!

Take the #LonoChallenge:  Win a year's supply Bone Broth!

Instead of declaring some untenable healthy New Year's Resolution (example: I'm going to eat kale every day in 2018), we've got a super easy way for you to kick start your health in the New Year. So if your digestion can be more efficient, or your skin clearer, your immunity stronger, your joints less achy, or you just want to stay healthy, here's how to do it:

Take the #LonoChallenge ....

1. Set a health goal for yourself for the 30 day #LonoChallenge

2. Consume at least one serving of bone broth or collagen protein every day for 30 days starting January 2. 

3. Follow our Facebook and/or Instagram for #LonoChallenge contest updates. 

4. On your own Facebook and/or Instagram, invite and encourage friends to participate in the #LonoChallenge. The more people who participate the better. Let's make this a fun, community-centric contest! 

5. Update your followers on your progress for meeting your 30 day challenge health goal. Post updates with the tag #LonoChallenge 

For your first update on your Facebook or Instagram, post something along these lines:

So excited to participate in the #LonoChallenge ... all I have to do is drink bone broth every day in January. My health goal for the month is [INSERT HEALTH GOAL HERE]. I'll be posting updates on my progress. Collagen in bone broth is so healthy for you. Join me in taking the easy #LonoChallenge

 #LonoChallenge Contest:

  • Encourage your friends to like your posts. Whoever gets the most likes each week will receive a prize. 
  • Weekly giveaways announced on Facebook, based upon updates on meeting goals. 
  • GRAND PRIZE – One #LonoChallenge participant will receive a year’s supply of LonoLife Bone Broth, free of charge!

Make sure you have enough bone broth (or our Grass-Fed Beef Collagen Peptide powder or Protein Coffee) for at least the month of January. 

That's it, sounds pretty simple, right? Just one serving of LonoLife per day and stay connected with us on social and keep your followers posted on your progress. Don't forget to invite your friends to join the #LonoChallenge ....

We've posted some amazing health transformations on our blog lately (Courtney; Lorena; Elizabeth; Refika). At the end of the 30 day #LonoChallenge we'll share some more success stories from the contest. 

Stay tuned for updates on Facebook and Instagram

To your health!


  • Post author
    Brian Hoppe

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  • Jan 15, 2018

    Hi! I recently found your product but I am emailing to inquire about what your listed yeast extract and natural flavors are. Thank you!!

    — Madison Wong

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