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  • LonoLife Lover Spotlight: Courtney Lindblom
  • Post author
    Brian Hoppe

LonoLife Lover Spotlight: Courtney Lindblom

Budding social media star motivates millennials to get healthy and credits LonoLife bone broth for helping overcome anxiety.

This is the story of a remarkable young woman who has transformed her physical and mental health, and is inspiring and teaching others to do the same....

Meet Courtney Lindblom. At first glance, you wouldn't think that Courtney has anything to worry about, including her weight and mental well-being. A recent Master's degree recipient in occupational therapy, Courtney looks lean, fit and happy, right? Take a look:

Only six months ago, though, Courtney was feeling the worst she has ever felt, both physically and mentally. And she's not afraid of letting everybody know about it, judging by her Instagram feed.

Courtney isn't your average 25 year old posting about everyday minutiae. Courtney's Facebook and Instagram pages are indicative of a budding online motivational speaker and health coach phenomenon, one who empowers others, especially millennials, to cultivate "greatness from the inside out."

Courtney also describes herself on her Facebook profile as a mental health advocate. In an interview with LonoLife, Courtney confided that she was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder a few years ago and as recently as a few months ago was taking medication for the disorder. 

So how did Courtney, a social media motivational health coach, show her followers that she practices what she preaches? What did Courtney do to undergo this total health transformation?:


Bone Broth Helps Alleviate Courtney's Anxiety Disorder

Let's start with Courtney's mental well-being. She credits LonoLife bone broth for helping her being able to stop taking medication for anxiety. Here's Courtney in her own words:

"I first heard about bone broth on my favorite podcast called FITz & Healthy, [hosted by Dr. Lauren Fitz]. I learned about bone broth’s health benefits and became intrigued, especially how it can help with the relationship with the gut brain connection, including mental health. As someone who is diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and was reliant on medication, I decided I wanted to dig deeper into this connection. I realized after doing the research that the connection in fact is real, so I decided to take measures into my own hands because I wanted to be back in control with my mental health!"

Courtney continues:

"I tried LonoLife bone broth first and loved it! When I ran out, I decided I would try another brand just to get a feel for what’s on the market. Let’s just say I had to plug my nose to consume it … it was that bad! ... Next, I tried making my own. My homemade bone broth turned out awesome and I loved it! Only thing was I was a full-time student who had no time for making bone broth and I did not always have access to grass-fed and grass-finished marrow bones! So I went back to the LonoLife Beef Bone Broth Stick Packs and have never turned away.

After having previously been on anti-anxiety medication for four years, Courtney says, "I  have been completely OFF my medication for three months and continue to improve my gut health each day. I plan on NEVER taking medication again!"

Courtney Core Fitness: Health From The Inside Out

What led to Courtney's epiphany that she needed to do something about her health?

"As an adult, I reached my heaviest six months ago, because of the stress of grad school. When you're in grad school, you’re poor, in debt, and have no time to eat healthy."

Ultimately, Courtney realized these were just excuses; a story she painted for herself, and one that could change with determination.

"I decided to change my life and recognized that I didn't have to study every second of the day ... I wasn’t completely disgusted with how I looked but internally and physiologically I knew I could make improvements."

And by sharing every step of the way with her social media followers, Courtney's goal was to reinforce that health starts from the inside out. 

"I haven't always treated my body with the love and respect that it deserves, but I'm thankful everyday that I decided to change that," says Courtney.

Inspirational Health Quotes from Courtney Lindblom

Here's just one example of dozens of inspiring and motivational messages that Courtney shares with her followers:

I know how it feels to look in the mirror and want to cry because you hate what you see. I know how it feels to want to stay inside & be a hermit because you're embarrassed to go out with friends since you've gained so much weight. I know how it feels to not like the person you've become. 

If you don't like where you are, I hope you know that you don't have to stay stuck. Sure, it's easier & comfortable to stay where you are, but your health & your happiness are worth fighting for❤️


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Social Media


In a perfect world, Courtney, who credits her weight loss success on being part of a group low-carb diet, would like to be a part-time pediatric occupational therapist and part-time accountability/motivational health coach. 

It looks like Courtney is well on her way. Judging by her dogged determination, there's nothing that will ever stand in her way of accomplishing her professional goals. But let's give Courtney the last word:

"I share all aspects of my life on social media: the good, the bad and the ugly. I want to impart onto others, 'hey, I'm just like you ... I have tons of student debt, yet I travel and move around a lot, and I'm still able to stay on track with my health plan." Adds Courtney, "I’m not some superwoman that’s miraculously getting it done; I’m actually a hot mess!"

Well, Courtney, actually, if you'll allow us the last word, what a beautiful hot mess you are!



  • Post author
    Brian Hoppe

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