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  • Top 5 Easiest & Most Pleasurable Ways to Detox After the Holidays (or anytime)
  • Post author
    Jesse Koltes

Top 5 Easiest & Most Pleasurable Ways to Detox After the Holidays (or anytime)

Top 5 Easiest & Most Pleasurable Ways to Detox After the Holidays (or anytime)

Whether it's in the form of juice, tea, pills or hot yoga classes, detoxes and cleanses are, along with bone broth, health trends du jour. Actually, both the booming detox/cleanse and bone broth market will likely expand for the forseeable future (gulp--no pun intended--we hope, in the case of bone broth) as more people are conscious of becoming healthier through nutritional therapy.

One of the health claims that some health bloggers make is that bone broth and/or collagen can help you detox. (The simple difference between bone broth and collagen: all true bone broth contains collagen, but collagen isn't necessarily from bone broth.) 

While we never make any health claims about the health benefits of bone broth and collagen protein products, we do pay attention to the research. And there is some research that supports collagen protein assisting in the detox process. 

Which makes drinking bone broth or sipping Protein Coffee or adding our Grass-Fed Collagen Peptide powder one of the top 5 easiest and most pleasurable ways to detox after the holidays (or anytime for that matter). 

We'll share our favorite other ways to detox. But first, let's take a look at what the research has to say about collagen and detoxification....

Glycine in Collagen Clinically-Proven to Aid in Detoxification

The collagen in LonoLife bone broth, Protein Coffee and protein powder consists of nearly all the amino acids, both essential and non-essential. However, a few of them are the main building blocks of protein. These are proline, hydroxyproline, gluatamic acid and glycine. 

This study in Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry says that glycine is the smallest non-essential, neutral and metabolically inert amino acid. So far, that's not a huge selling point for collagen. However, consider that the researchers of the study also say that glycine is nonetheless essential for the synthesis of several biologically important biomolecules and compounds. It participates in the synthesis of proteins, of the tripeptide glutathione (which is called by many in natural health, "the master antioxidant") and in detoxification reactions.

Moreover, glycine has a broad spectrum of anti-inflammatory, cellular-protective and immunomodulatory properties, says the study.

Now those are some strong selling points for glycine and collagen protein products. However, try to buy organic product as much as possible. That's because the researchers conclude the study by saying that the popular pesticide, glyphosate (better known by Monsanto's brand name, Roundup) may disrupt glycine homeostasis.

Collagen: The Cure for Cellulite? 

Cellulite affects approximately 85% of women over the age of 20. It occurs mainly on the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. Although the root causes of cellulite may be more complex than what so-called natural health experts believe, perhaps there is some truth to the simplicity of its underlying problem. And that underlying problem is toxicity. In other words, cellulite might be a manifestation of your body accumulating and being unable to eliminate toxins.

The good news is that if you drink bone broth (or protein coffee, or a smoothie with LonoLife Grass Fed Beef Collagen Peptides) for the long term, your cellulite might disappear. The evidence of this comes from a 2015 study in the Journal of Medicinal Food.

The study showed that regular supplementation with collagen for at least six months significantly reduced the appearance of cellulite. 

In total, 105 women aged 24–50 years with moderate cellulite received a daily dosage of 2.5 g of collagen peptides over 6 months. 

The researchers concluded, "Based on the current data, it can be concluded that a long-term therapy with orally administered [collagen peptides] leads to an improvement of cellulite and has a positive impact on skin health."

So, if your Thanksgiving or other holiday celebration was a precipitous fall off the wagon, start making bone broth or collagen protein products a daily habit--regardless if you have cellulite or not. 

Other Top Ways To Detox From The Holidays

  • Massage: what's not to love about getting a massage? This luxurious spa treatment releases metabolic waste products from knotted muscle tissue, helping you detoxify.
  • Sauna: Another way to get rid of metabolic waste is to sweat it out. Taking a sauna is far easier than going for a long run. Just sit and let the toxins seep out your pores. Toxins below the skin's surface moves to the epidermis and escape out your skin.
  • Steam room: another lazy way to detox, sitting in a steam room will open your mucous membranes, which is great if you frequently suffer from nasal congestion and other forms of respiratory inflammation. 
  • Facials: your skin's appearance is a mirror of your gut health. If you have skin problems such as acne or blackheads, that's an indication that bad bacteria has burrowed its way out of your facial pores. Facials can help expel the bad bacteria. 

Got any other favorite easy ways to detox? Let us know below. If your digestion is sluggish and you don't go #2 everyday, consider also getting colon hydrotherapy (aka, colonic). It's not as enjoyable as a massage, but it might just help you detox while you're just sitting there....


  • Post author
    Jesse Koltes

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