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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a nutrient-dense savory stock made from simmering bones, meat, and vegetables in water for an extended period of time. The easy-to-digest liquid is packed with proteins and fiber that contribute to a number of different health benefits which have been said to improve joint health, repair collagen, nourish hair, skin & nails, while also improving digestive and immune systems. 

Our Old World savory flavors will nourish both your body and your soul. For best results, make it a part of your daily healthy ritual.


What is collagen? Why is it important?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. Of all the many thousands of proteins your body has, about 30% are collagen proteins. Think of collagen as the glue that holds your whole body’s structure together, including your skin, gut lining, bones and joints.

Frequent stress and the natural aging process degenerates levels of collagen in your body. To combat this degeneration consuming amino acids, found in bone broth or collagen protein, encourage the reformation of collagen.


Do I need collagen protein or bone broth if I eat healthy?

Even if you eat a huge salad with organic greens every day and strictly limit your sugar and processed food intake, you’re most likely not consuming enough amino acids to supply your cells with what they need to encourage collagen regeneration. Moreover, even the healthiest veggies do not contain enough of the specific amino acids your body needs. Lonolife products, specifically our collagen protein and bone broths, contain a copious amount of amino acids to rebuild collagen which improves joint health, nourishes hair, skin and nails while also improving immune and digestive systems.


What is the difference between meat and collagen-rich bone broth?

Eating plenty of meat, even if it’s from grass-fed cows or organic, pasture-raised chickens doesn’t provide you with enough of the specific amino acids to support the synthesis of collagen formation in your body. If that were the case, bone broth and other products with animal collagen would not be necessary.

Collagen does not come from the parts of meat you typically eat - it is naturally produced within the bones, muscles and skin themselves and becomes soluble in water when cooked over long periods of time. That slow cooking process is how we make our amazing tasting bone broths and Protein Coffee.


What are the health benefits of bone broth and collagen protein?

Collagen is vital for your health. Stress and aging severely deplete your levels of collagen. By consuming bone broth or collagen protein, you fortify your joints, bones, skin, hair, nails, gut lining, immune system and much more with the building blocks they need to regenerate your own collagen and age gracefully.


Bone broth: fleeting health food trend or ancient wisdom renaissance?

Maybe you’ve heard of bone broth because it’s become a trendy health food as of late. Maybe you’ve heard about “hipster” bone broth cafes that offer $6 cups of the collagen protein-rich beverage, but bone broth has been a staple health food since prehistoric times. And thankfully, more and more people are making the connection between diet and health, and incorporating superfoods like bone broth into their diets. Bone broth has never really gone out of style; it’s just been rediscovered recently.


How is LonoLife bone broth different than all other bone broths?

At Lonolife, we make our bone broths the old-fashioned way with the highest quality ingredients. Our bone broth is made with grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle bones (Beef Bone Broth) or, for our delicious Chicken Bone Broth, free-range pasture-raised poultry. The full list of herbs and spices we use to make our bone broths are a carefully guarded family secret that you need to taste to understand the difference.

We also use cutting edge 21st-century food-processing technology to transform the bone broth into powder form for your convenience and for a smooth (not clumpy) finished product so you don’t have to worry about bone broth gelling.