Real Health Transformations Thanks to LonoLife Collagen Protein Products


People just like you have improved their health and well-being by consuming our collagen protein products on a daily basis, and by adapting other healthy habits. Getting your daily dose of collagen protein is one of the easiest and most affordable things you can do for your health. We hope to hear a success story from you one day!

No More Inflammation & Quick Cold Recovery

I have been struggling with inflammation for a few years now. When I would get a cold I would feel exhausted weeks after the cold was over. Last year I was introduced to LonoLife bone broth. I feel in love with the reduced amount of sodium and simplicity of the single servings while on the run. Then on a whim I ordered the collagen peptides not knowing how my life was going to change. Recently when I got a cold I was over it within a day and had no exhaustion afterwards. Every night I drink my glass of almond milk with mocha peptides and think about how much you have changed my life. 

--Becky Gholson

Banish Cravings for Salt

Where to begin! I use your products to help with cravings for salty foods, as a quick snack and as a support for intermittent fasting. I have also used them as a soup stick and add veggies.

They are a satisfying and warming way to add healthy protein and other nutrients without a lot of calories.

I have purchased both the single serve cups and the sticks.

I keep them at school, in my purse and at home.

Mala Wolfe

No More Knee Pain!

Your Bone Broth has changed my life!  I used to run marathons and half marathons regularly.  In 2015 I had a knee injury that put me on the sidelines.  This devastated me, as running races was such an incredible part of my life.  I had made so many friends running races and not being able to participate was crushing.  I had all but given up on ever racing again when someone introduced me to your bone broth.  I'm going to be honest, I was skeptical.  I didn't believe I would feel a difference in my knees and joints from drinking broth.  Boy was I wrong.   I have made LoneLife Chicken and Beef Bone Broth a part of my daily routine.  When I get to work I brew up a cup of bone broth.  I am a teacher and at first my students thought I was crazy because I was drinking bone broth instead of coffee.  Now they remind me if I get busy and forget because they see the difference in how I move (jumping and dancing around the room).  I am happy to report that this past month I ran my first half-marathon since my injury in 2015 and I credit LonoLife for helping me with this accomplishment.  I know that if I had not found your product I would not feel as good as I do today.  I finally have my life back!

--Megan Coates
Jacksonville, FL

Easy, tasty and authentic single-serve bone broth, protein coffee and collagen peptides for amazing health benefits.

Perfect Recovery Drink

Lonolife bone broth is the perfect recovery after I work out.  It give me the extra boost of protein I need and tides me over until lunch.  I learned about it from Pure Barre where I work out.  I love the single serve packs as well when I travel!  Great product! 

--Cindy Retterer 
The Woodlands, TX

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A Life Saver!

The LonoLife bone broth has saved me from eating bad food so many times, especially during tax season (I'm an accountant)!  My hair and skin have improved and it's the perfect in-between meal snack. We even packed it when we were relocating from Tampa due to Hurricane Irma. It has turned out to be a real life saver!

--Courtney B.
Tampa, FL 

Easy, tasty and authentic single-serve bone broth, protein coffee and collagen peptides for amazing health benefits.


Perfect for the Outdoor Lifestyle & Dogs, Too!

I reengaged with fitness about 3 years ago. But this go round I decided to try something new. After being told cardio, cardio, cardio and not seeing the results I envisioned for myself or having workout sessions that made me feel invigorated, I started power lifting and even put weights and a dedicated gym in my home. Once I found that strength, I started kayaking on the weekends, taking the family on hikes and growing a new love for the outdoors. It's amazing what physical strength can do for your mental and spiritual health. Lonolife keeps me on track and adds fuel and nutrition to my active lifestyle. Plus my dog likes it.

--Tamara J. 

Improved My Autoimmune Condition

I have an autoimmune disease that affects my whole body called scleroderma, and with that comes a whole slew of symptoms.  Incorporating your bone broth, I have seen a decrease in severity and frequency of my heartburn to the point I no longer use my medication.  I have also noticed more mobility in my joints with less grinding and popping. Drinking your bone broth regularly has helped me tremendously.  I am having an easier time eating and digesting food.  And my hair and nails are starting to grow again.

--Shelly B.
Escalon, CA

No More Constipation!

My wife has had Impacted Constipation. Two years age our doctor send us to a specialist and he  told us she needs a colonoscopy because she has inflammation of the colon wall. 

How he knew this by only talking to him, I do not know. 

I did not trust him so we cancelled the colonoscopy.  

She started taking a cup LonoLife bone broth daily and has not had any impacted constipation since.   

--Don S.

Perfect For Something Quick & Healthy For Vacations

I have been aware of Lonolife products for a long time.  My interest started when I was looking for a reliable source for bone broth. Originally from Boston, I am currently living in Miami and I am a youthful 74 years old.  I train in the gym on a regular basis and make sure I eat healthy and wise; LonoLife products are part of my food preparation. 

Tell your customers to mix some of the powdered product into their plain yogurt.  Delicious.  And it works with cottage cheese as well. 

I am a retired food professional.  I had several take away stores in the Boston area and also a major commercial and industrial off premise catering company.  (How I wish you products were available during those years!) Being retired from a career in the food service industry, I wanted something quick—something that I didn't have to leave on the stove for hours on slow heat to achieve the desired deliciousness of the broth.  I found Lonolife bone broth on the Internet and I got hooked.   Canned chicken, meat and vegetable broths taste like part of the can!  LonoLife powders taste home made.

I would be remiss if I didn't make a statement regarding the collagen products.  I use them every day.  I add the cucumber lemon variety to my home made bottled water.  I add the unflavored collagen to recipes to boost the health benefits of the food. 

As someone who travels quite a bit, I always take the Lonolife products with me so I can maintain my healthy eating life style on the road.

 Thanks for these great products!

--June Zieff
Aventura, FL

10 Pounds Lost!

I have been subbing LonoLife bone broth for breakfast or lunch for the last month and I've lost 10 lbs and my arthritic knees are feeling much better!!

--Carla R.

Makes Me Look Younger!

Love your products!! Just turned 42! People constantly think I am in my 30s!! Always asking my secret! I give them your website! Take care of your insides it will show on the outsides!! 

--Katy Wheatley
Ontario, Canada

Helped Me Overcome Anxiety

"I  have been completely OFF my medication for three months and continue to improve my gut health each day. I plan on NEVER taking medication again!"

--Courtney Lindblom

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Easy, tasty and authentic single-serve bone broth, protein coffee and collagen peptides for amazing health benefits.

60 Pounds Lost & Way More Energy 

"I'm also feeling great most of the time because I've taken inflammatory foods out, including beans, legumes, corn, and processed food."

--Lorena Cates

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Easy, tasty and authentic single-serve bone broth, protein coffee and collagen peptides for amazing health benefits.


No More Migraines & Allergies

I was taking the medication for over a year. But shortly after I started drinking bone broth, I was able to stop taking the medication. I also no longer need to take the nasal spray I was using every day to manage my allergy.

--Elizabeth Loop
Asheville, NC

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Easy, tasty and authentic single-serve bone broth, protein coffee and collagen peptides for amazing health benefits.


Helpful for Post-Surgery Recovery

As a bariatric patient, it's very nice to know that the needs of this population are being met. I'm sure there are a lot of people with similar health issues that could benefit from your product. It's really wonderful and it's helped me tremendously.

--Refika Turnier
Frederick, MD

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