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Keto. Ketogenic diet. Ketosis. If you spend any time at all on social media, these are probably all words that are infiltrating your consciousness. And unless you are a hardcore Keto fan, you may be asking yourself what it’s all about, and, moreover, if it’s a diet you should be following for yourself. Well, it just turns out that one of our regular LonoLife customers is an expert in this field. Founder of Keto For Real Life People, Nancy Childress dedicates her life to sharing her knowledge on the Ketogenic diet and its benefits with others who are looking to end cravings and hunger while eating healthily.

We take our hats off to anyone who is working towards a healthier existence -- especially those who are spending their time helping others -- so we figured now was as good a time as any to check in with Nancy and get to the bottom of the world of Keto.


Let’s start off by digging into the ketogenic diet. What’s the Cliffs Notes version?

Basically, the Ketogenic Diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low-carb way of eating. It is comprised of 70% healthy natural fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbohydrates consisting mainly of green leafy vegetables, cruciferous veggies, and some berries -- all of which turns our bodies into fat burning machines. Besides weight loss, the Keto Diet offers many health benefits: it reduces inflammation in the body, balances blood sugar (which has been shown to reverse type II diabetes), lowers blood pressure, as well as many other health benefits. The Keto diet is also an ideal way of eating for anyone who suffers from carb or sugar addiction, by eliminating these foods from your diet and eating healthy whole foods many people experience an end to their cravings and find their long lost will power.


What would a typical keto breakfast look like?

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Eggs over medium, thick sliced bacon, and avocado slices is the most popular breakfast of all time, but there are so many great choices! Some of my favorites are: Fluffy Almond Flour Pancakes with fruit compote, Warm Maple Chia Seed Porridge, Southwestern Egg Scramble, Breakfast Pizza… I could name quite a few more!


What got you interested in the diet early on?

I was looking for a low carb support group to join on Facebook as my weight had yet again spiraled out of control, when I happened upon the word Keto. My interest was immediately peaked, and I began researching exactly what it was all about. As I had tried low carb once and had some success, I felt that it was my best option. After reading about the keto diet and how healthy it is, I felt it was my only hope and joined a ninety-day keto challenge. I wanted a lifestyle change that I could live with for the rest of my life, not just another diet that I would ultimately fail at again.

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You founded Keto For Real Life People in January 2018.  How would you describe your business?

I would describe my business as an interactive social media lifestyle coaching program. I provide motivation through positive mindset, education through collaboration with keto health experts, support for people who need encouragement to stay the course, and teach people how to eat, cook, and understand the importance of living healthy through the power of the Ketogenic Diet. I am currently adding personal motivation speaking events locally and reaching out to more and more people who want to make lifestyle changes.


Why was it so important to you to help other people with their diets?

I always tell everyone that it was by pure accident that I stepped into my destiny.

In December 2017, I had joined a support group for keto for newbies and it changed my life. A group member had reached out for support and had received a lot of encouragement from almost everyone to stay on track, but there was one person who said it was okay to cheat occasionally. I lost it! I went live in that group and shared my story and explained how devastating it can be for a person who suffers with food addiction to go off plan, and how damaging the consequences can be -- using myself as the example. I was open and vulnerable that night. I showed them how I had gone off track and had not only gained a huge amount of weight but also how my health had been severely compromised. I was asked if I would start a group to help others who were like me and so I did. I never want anyone to feel or live the way I did. By sharing my story, I realized that I could help people -- a lot of people -- through social media.


If I wanted to start the Keto diet tomorrow, what are three pieces of advice you would give me?

For anyone who wants to start the keto diet, my top three pieces of advice would be:

  1. Research -- as much as you can from reliable resources and get prepared before jumping in.
  2. Eat clean -- healthy whole foods starting with healthy fats, proteins, and vegetables.
  3. Electrolytes -- these are extremely important during the first phase of the keto diet. Make sure you are getting enough sodium, magnesium, and potassium.


In your opinion, is there anyone who the keto diet isn’t suitable for?

As with all diets, always check with your medical professional first. People with diabetes, kidney disease, or other pre-existing issues should not start without getting checked by their doctor. The Keto diet is great for most everyone, even people who have medical issues.


What’s the biggest challenge for people following this kind of lifestyle?

Convenience is probably the biggest challenge for most people. You can’t just run to the store and pick up pre-made food that is easy to throw in the microwave, or go through the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant. Most of the wonderful keto dishes must be made from scratch and that can be difficult for those who aren’t comfortable in the kitchen. Luckily, there are more and more keto friendly products becoming available everywhere, that’s how I came across LonoLife bone broth!


Let’s talk about that! How does bone broth fit into the Keto diet?

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I love LonoLife! As I mentioned, it isn’t easy finding good keto foods that are easy or convenient to use. I love this product because it ticks off my list of what I consider Keto Approved!

  1. Convenient, pre-made, and ready-to-use.
  2. Variety -- so many options and flavors!
  3. Healthy -- the most important of all! I love that LonoLife is grass fed, gluten free, and has NO sugar added! That is extremely important in the Keto world where it is hard to find any bone broth that doesn’t have added sugars.
  4. Delicious -- I use LonoLife broth almost daily! I cook soups, sauces, gravies, stews, you name it. I also recommend drinking at least one mug a day with a dollop of butter in it as a midday snack and a fat booster. Because there is a variety of flavors, there is no food boredom!


 Any final words?

I love my Keto Lifestyle! Besides losing seventy pounds and feeling younger and healthier than I have in years, I am grateful. I am living my life doing what fulfills me. I love helping other people along their journey while I share mine with them.




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