Fuel your summer the easy way with our instant bone broth. 10g of protein per serving and ready in seconds.

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Nature's Superfood

Collagen-rich bone broth is high in protein, aids digestion, has essential amino acids, supports muscle health and strengthens nails, skin and bones.

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What people are saying?

"I love that it’s bone broth “on-the-go” (I just have to mix it with hot water). It gives me the right amount of energy without hurting my stomach in the early mornings and it keeps me warm while watching the waves in the chilling air. Also, I love that it is an immune system booster because a lot of my surf contest locations don’t have the cleanest water."
Kaitlin Mikkelson
Pro Surfer
"I discovered LonoLife when I was on the hunt for a good bone broth. I was having trouble finding one with a taste I actually enjoyed. LonoLife’s was seriously the ONLY one I could find. Plus, with their high quality standards, I was sold because I’m a stickler for where ingredients come from. The bone broth is my afternoon snack everyday and the Vanilla Collagen goes in my post workout shake every morning and makes it creamier!"
Melissa McAlister
Personal Trainer
"Lonolife uses quality sources, uncompromised by crap, and make it SUPER easy to use every day. Even when I travel, it comes with me (I’m in Germany now, and have a packet with me for every day)."
T.J. Bottom
Runner, Athlete