The Difference Is In The Details : See What Sets LonoLife Apart

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Bone broth, collagen, protein shakes… These are hot topics these days, and you are probably getting targeted with one ad after another. You probably know that, in theory, these are all good for your health, but how do you know what you are actually consuming? And is there really any difference between one source and another? The answer to that latter question is a resounding YES. And as to knowing what you are consuming, we don’t think you should be left to wonder, which is why we went directly to our in-house product specialists to ask all the questions our customers have asked us over time, and show you the process we go through to ensure that every LonoLife product you use is pure, of the highest quality, and good for your health.


Q: A lot of people are consuming bone broth, collagen, and protein products without thinking about where they are sourced. What can you tell our customers about the sourcing of LonoLife products?

Have you ever visited South America? If so, you’ll have noticed one thing -- endless open fields with cattle grazing. The majority of our beef collagen is sourced from South American cows because we believe that grass fed beef is better for the animal, the environment, and for you. Cheap collagen can come from old, sick cows and if often poorly processed. If your collagen smells like a wet dog and turn into an insoluble snot bubble in cold water, you know the sourcing sucked! 


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Q: Savvy, health-conscious consumers know how important purity is when it comes to their food and drink. How do you guarantee the purity of LonoLife products?

We are rigorous about our testing. In fact, every single batch is tested to verify our label claims, without fail. This is exponentially expensive, but it’s a cost we believe we owe to our consumers. What does it mean for you? It means that you can be confident that the protein level we advertise is what you are actually getting, and that there are no artificial ingredients masquerading as protein. Believe it or not, the latter is actually a real food fraud issue when it comes to the protein market. We can also reliably confirm that the gluten level is zero, and that there is no contamination of heavy metals.


Q: Let's talk taste. You only have to try the Thai Curry Bone Broth to realize that no-one else is creating bone broth products with the intense flavors LonoLife is. What's your secret?

Well, let us tell you that this is no overnight thing! It takes six to nine months to fully develop any of our LonoLife products. The process begins with an outline of what the product attributes should be that will appeal to the consumer.  For example, the search for a great tasting beef will involve how and where it was processed, its protein, sodium, fat, calorie content and, finally, taste are carefully evaluated. If acceptable, we then get samples from our manufacturer and begin the process of enhancing the beef with our natural flavors and spices.

This process continues until we have the LonoLife signature profile:  an immediate “hit” of our deep, rich beef flavor followed by a “last” on the tongue and palate of our perfectly balanced flavors and spices.The next step is to evaluate the new product with focus groups who rate the bone broth for our “duality of flavor,” saltiness, thickness on the palate and overall satisfaction. No product will be introduced to our consumers until every panelist in the group has signed off on all criteria.


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Q: What else sets LonoLife apart from other producers of similar products?

I know we’ve already discussed our testing, so I’d probably say it boils down to superior taste, and the convenience of our single-serve sachets which are awesome for life-on-the-go. When I’m out camping, or hiking for the day, it’s such an easy way to make sure I’m getting a good dose of protein and hitting my nutrition needs!