5 Insanely Useful Things For Your College CheckList

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It’s happening. It’s really happening. Your not-so-little baby is actually leaving home. Well, during term time at least... And amongst the tears and trepidation (yours!) you want to make sure you are sending them off with everything they need while living away from home. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few kids in college between us over here at LonoLife, so we thought we’d put a list together of 5 things we always make sure they take with them before they -- dare we say it --leave us. We’re going to assume you’ve already got the basics such as bedding and towels together, so we’re highlighting a few “I can’t believe how handy this turned out to be” items. Even better, they can all be found on Amazon!


“Sorry I didn’t answer mom, my phone was out of battery” will no longer be an excuse once you’ve packed one (or even two) portable external phone chargers. These are an excellent gadget to keep in a purse, backpack, or car as a backup battery for cell phones. Simply plug your phone into the USB port et voila -- watch as your phone’s battery climbs back up. These ultra thin ones come in a variety of pop colors sure to please your teen. Bonus: they’re not too costly either.


          2)   LAPTOP DESK

You might as well save your breath when it comes to asking your student to study at a desk, because you know they’ll end up working with their laptop on their lap anyway! So why not help them in the ergonomic arena and get them a laptop desk? Small, lightweight, and portable, these provide protection from the direct heat of a laptop, as well as a small platform for a mouse and, often, a cell phone. Check out this one that fits up to a 15.5 inch laptop.



No doubt, your son or daughter already has at least one pair of shockingly expensive headphones, but what they will really love when they get to college is the noise cancelling variety. Why? Because it’s close to impossible to focus with all the distractions going on around them! Of course, you could always go right to the top with some Alexa controlled, wireless Bose beauties, but if you’re on a more reasonable budget then Amazon has several under $50 such as these ones here.



Single-use plastic is soooo last decade, so help your college student fit in with the environmental times by sending them off with a reusable cutlery set and straws. (You know, for all those healthy smoothies they are going to be making in the blender you also bought them.) Check out this neat little set that combines cutlery, stainless steel straw, and straw cleaner all together in one handy little pouch.


          5)   POWDERED BONE BROTH

Worried they are going to live on a diet of toast and plain ramen? Fear not, because with these single-serve packets of dried bone broth, they can make ramen ‘till their heart’s content and still pack in 10 grams of protein (along with a whole lot of other nutritional goodness.) Also great as a sustaining meal replacement in a pinch. Try the Thai Curry flavor for a kick they will love.

That’s our top five. How about you? We’d love to hear about any “must-haves” on your college checklist. Let us know!

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