Introducing Keto Chicken Bone Broth

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Let’s face it, the Keto Diet is more than a fad. It’s changing people’s lives on a large scale, and looks like it’s here to stay. At Lonolife we don’t endorse any one diet as being superior to another, but we do know that a lot of our customers follow a keto diet and wouldn’t live any other way. These customers (we have to say, it’s a lot of you!) have been asking us for some time to create a keto-specific bone broth and we’re thrilled to announce that that day has arrived!

We decided to check in with Paul Taparauskas, our resident nutrition scientist, to answer all your questions on our new, tasty, keto-approved bone broth.

Where did the idea of a keto focused bone broth come from?

National diets change, and people have developed a new understanding of healthy fats in recent years. Many of our customers were using our chicken and beef bone broths as a base and adding their own fats (coconut oil, ghee, duck fat) to increase the fat content while maintaining the protein level. At that point we understood that there was a genuine demand for a higher fat content broth.

So how much fat does the new Keto Chicken Bone Broth contain?

Our new product contains 5 gram of (chicken) fat, and 10 grams of protein. We are currently working on an even higher fat content version in addition.

How do the ingredients differ to other Lonolife chicken products?

We use the same ingredients as Chicken Bone Broth, but we use the fattier parts of the chicken to get higher fat levels.

Right now it’s only being sold in the bulk tubs. Do you plan to release it in the single serve stick packs soon?

Yes! Those are in the works. Keep an eye out for the stick packs in the near future. Meanwhile, we are pretty sure it won’t take long to get through one of the larger tubs of this broth -- the extra fat content makes it delicious!

Anything else we should know about the new product?

As with all our broths, taste really does set us apart. And it doesn’t get much tastier than the new Keto Chicken Bone Broth!


**Until March 15th you can try out our new Keto Chicken Bone Broth at
15% discount by entering code letsgoketo at checkout.**

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