Lonolife Bone Broth earns Paleo Certification!

If you follow the Paleo Diet, you know a thing or two about bone broth.  This nutritional powerhouse has become one of the Paleo movement’s staple beverages, and has even gained traction with mainstream foodies. It’s easy to see why! Bone broth is full of muscle-building collagen and works to help heal your digestive system. But, best of all, it tastes great!

But despite all the benefits, bone broth is a huge pain to make. Who’s got time to source grass fed bones, boil them for 24 hours, and then season them to perfection?

That challenge is what led the LonoLife team to head into the kitchen and look for a solution.

The LonoLife Story:

As lifelong coffee roasters, the team at LonoLife knows a thing or two about hot beverages. And when a friend passed them a thermos of bone broth after a chilly morning surf on a Pacific Beach, they were instantly hooked.

For the next year, the LonoLife team experimented with the highest quality bones, vegetables and spices before arriving at the best tasting product they had ever had. When they took their concoction into work, they realized that not only could they make the best tasting broth, they could use their coffee knowledge to make it work in a k-cup machine. Real, authentic, paleo bone broth in a k-cup was born!

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