The 101 on Keto Meetups (with LonoLife customer Allison Burk)

LonoLife Blog Post - The 101 on Keto Meetups with Allison Burk

Keto this. Keto that. There’s a lot of keto talk going on these days. But have you heard about Keto Meetups? No? We hadn’t either until a little while back, which is why we thought it would be good to dish some (carb-free) dirt on what they are.

Allison Burk is a LonoLife customer who happens to run a keto meetup in Louisville, Kentucky. We checked in with her to find out a little more about this community keto get-together. Here’s what she had to say.

For our readers who have never heard of one before, what exactly is a keto meetup?

A keto meetup is an opportunity for people who are doing keto to meet others, try new products, and come together as a community to grow in our knowledge and friend group.

What inspired you to organize one where you live?

Since I am new to the area, I wanted to organize the meetup to meet like-minded people in my area.

If people are just considering a keto diet but aren’t yet fully “in”, would it still make sense for them to come to a meetup?

Yes, absolutely! A keto meetup is for anyone who is interested in the lifestyle and wants to make new friendships.

Can attendees expect to talk about other lifestyle choices beyond the diet?

Depending on how the conversation goes, that can absolutely happen! I have been to a meetup where we have talked about our personal lives and how we handle stress, etc.

Why is following a ketogenic diet so important for you personally?

For me, keto has given me my life back. I have been able to regain my health and food control and feel empowered to better myself for me. Keto has also given me a new perspective on food and how it can properly fuel my body.

When and where is the next meetup in your area?

We have a meetup happening in Louisville, Kentucky on October 19th.

What would you like attendees to know before coming to their first meetup?

Before coming, know we are all learning still and aren't perfect. We’re all in this together and we’re extremely excited to mingle with people who are like minded. 

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