The 5 Best Hikes in San Diego (according to LonoLife locals!)

5 best hikes in san diego

There’s nowhere quite like San Diego when it comes to year round activities. Thanks to a semi-arid climate, we can be outside adventuring 12 months a year. With hills, mountains, canyons and desert areas, we’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to where we want to explore. In fact, whether it’s a mellow 30 minute walk with the family or a challenging half day mission, there really is something for everyone around here. 

We checked in with the team at LonoLife to discover some top hikes. The following is our list of “must do” hikes for anyone visiting San Diego (and those who live here who might not have tried them too!) If you’ve got any you think should be on our list, let us know!



This one is near and dear to our hearts. A quick ride down the 101 from our office, and we are by what some might argue to be some of the most beautiful beach hikes in the country. There are several different trails you can take here but all of them are fairly mellow and between 1-2 miles long. The views are stunning, and if you look towards the ocean long enough, you might just spot a whale or a pod of dolphins. Check out for more info.



Another easy hike -- life shouldn’t always be hard! -- this one makes our list thanks to its family-friendly pathways that lend themselves to great natural sights and photo ops. From creeks and waterfalls to fields of native chaparral, you’ll love this trail whether you are taking the whole family for an afternoon hike or hitting the trails with a mountain bike. Find out more here.



This one is a particular favorite because it qualifies as a great workout but is still manageable and doesn’t take half a day. Dogs are allowed (another bonus for the canine lovers amongst us) and the 360 views of North County San Diego from the top are worth every step. The loop is roughly 5 miles and is a great way to spend a morning if you are in the North County area. More info here.



Ok, this hike isn’t technically called Potato Chip Rock, but the ultimate destination of it is. Mount Woodson trail is the correct name of the hike, but ask any local if they’ve hiked to Potato Chip Rock and they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about! This one is a tougher, longer hike (nearly 8 miles with a strenuous climb) and should be started early and tackled with plenty of water and snacks. Pop a pack of our portable bone broth into a thermos of hot water for a protein-packed on-the-go snack that will keep you going. Discover more about the hike here.


THREE SISTERS FALLS (extremely hard)

While we can’t say this is one we do on a weekly basis, the more adventurous amongst us like to check this one off our list once a year. It’s a tough hike, that starts with a descent into the canyon and ends with an arduous hike back out. But the reward in the middle -- three cascading waterfalls and pools of flowing water -- is worth it if you come well-prepared. Until recently, this one was only achievable with ropes, but thanks to a new section of trail cut out by the US Forest Service, it’s opened up the hike to a wider audience. Be warned though, it can get extremely hot in the summer, and even with the new trail, this one is for serious hikers only. This is a great resource if you decide to tackle it.


That’s our list. Do you have any you would add? And don’t forget that with 10 grams of protein, LonoLife bone broth sachets are an excellent hiking accessory -- providing the sustaining energy you need without the bulk.


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