Tomato Beef Bone Broth That Tastes DIVINE

There are few things more exciting around here than when we come up with a new product. It doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it’s often years in the making. But when it’s ready to launch, is it ever time for a celebration at the LonoLife hub! We’re celebrating right now, because we have just launched our brand new, absolutely delicious, Tomato Beef Bone Broth.

And we think it might be our most delicious broth yet!

A robust and hearty combination of simmered beef bone broth and organic tomatoes finished with a hint of smoked Parmesan, LonoLife's nutrient-dense 10g Protein Tomato Beef Bone Broth Broth is beyond tasty.

Remember that comforting bowl of tomato soup you used to enjoy as a child? Well, this new broth will take you on a walk down memory lane, while elevating your taste experience with a subtle hint of smoked Parmesan cheese in the mix.

Why the Parmesan touch?

As our master bone broth chef tells us, “I wanted to create a fresh take on an American classic but with a healthier twist. Parmesan gives the soup a nutty, salt note that melds the flavors together, giving it "the yum factor"

LonoLife’s Tomato Beef Bone Broth is available for purchase now on our store or at